Sunday, July 1, 2018

Lore : Theories on Power Mechanics

We are no closer to finding out the true means by which these many wild and divergent powers function, but a few theories have cropped up that keep being referred back to. So far, these are the most commonly agreed upon as likely, however ludicrous they may seem.

Some superhumans claim that they can feel a sort of exotic “energy” within them which they can direct to perform their superhuman actions, the same way a normal person can simply raise their arm to pick something up. This energy does not appear to be a fuel of any kind, as powers do not grow weaker through extended use. It is almost like an extra phantom limb that can be directed with a thought. It is called an energy by most superhumans, but may more accurately be called an Essence.

Currently, we believe that, whether there is an awareness of this internal Essence or not, it may be present in all superhumans. Some just access it subconsciously, while others are perhaps more attune to it. This Essence, then, provides the means through which a power is created. It creates the spark and channels the fuel for a superhuman fire, provides the kinetic force for superhuman strength, creates the barrier for superhuman durability.

What this Essence is, of course, is up for debate. A sort of Quantum Interface? The fabled Quintessence of Antiquity? A more direct manifestation of the Soul? A form of Magic not yet conceived of in our own fictions? A binding of one’s will to the very Fundamental Fabric of Reality, through which reality’s laws can be bent or broken? Cheat Codes to the program of what we think is reality, but may in fact be a fantastically huge and complicated computer simulation?

We still don’t know, and may never know. The Essence has never been detected or observed by mundane human observation or technology, only its effects on the world.

Some have theorized that the power of superhumans actually originates from Higher Dimensions, perhaps the same dimensions that the Doorways themselves may come from. In this way, the previously mentioned “Essence” may itself be a sort of internal Doorway set into the superhuman. When a superhuman uses their powers, they may in fact be opening their own personal Doorway to let slip through the exotic energies and forces that allow their powers to function.

Another way of putting it is that they may be channeling the physics of other worlds through this Inner Doorway, and temporarily overlaying them into our reality. Perhaps the theory of a Multiverse is true, and in one universe, it is perfectly normal for cotton to be magnetically attracted to clay, and thus a superhuman who causes that effect is simply channeling those physics into our reality.

If this theory does ever prove true, perhaps those who like to try and rank superhumans by “power levels” might be better off trying less to figure out hard numbers, and consider a percentage system that measures how wide a superhuman’s Inner Doorway opens.

Superhumans do not remember where they have been when they come back through the Doorway, but it is very telling that they always come back wearing exotic clothing, as if they have been spending several days in some unusual circumstances where they had to dress up like a wizard, or a superhero, or a futuristic knight.

Likewise, many superhumans have mentioned having dreams that, while barely remembered, leave them with a sense that they have been on some grand adventure. Flashes of great battles on other worlds, exploring alien ruins, interacting with inhuman entities, etc.

Many believe that the Doorways are, in fact, taking people into other realities, and that while they are there, Earthlings find themselves caught up in the sort of epic quests one might see in a video game, an adventure anime, a fantasy novel, or a sci-fi movie. If this is actually happening, then it stands to reason (if you consider the narrative convolutions of these stories to be a type of physics all their own), that the Earthlings sent on these adventures would acquire the superhuman powers necessary to accomplish these tasks.

Ergo, when the person returns to our world, they may still, somehow, retain the powers gained in the other world. Why there is a universal side-effect of memory loss is unknown, but perhaps this is a defense mechanism built into the Doorways. Perhaps they were designed as a means of summoning champions from one world to assist the downtrodden in others, but the creators of the Doorways didn’t want to risk the denizens of their champion’s world learning about them, and potentially becoming a new enemy. Random handfuls of people could be more easily manipulated to go on heroic quests. Armies of soldiers under government orders to secure a new frontier are a whole other matter.

Some believe that the aforementioned Essence or Inner Doorway theories are just different ways of explaining the same concept, and that we are failing to account for something very worrying in said concept: that these powers are being granted to superhumans through a supernatural entity.

Be it a demon, a god, an angel, a djinn, a spirit, a machine elf, or something we’ve never even conceived of in all our history, superhumans may, in fact, just be the finger puppets of entities that exist far beyond our comprehension. The powers we wield are simply their own natural powers, channeled outwards through our bodies. Should this theory be true, it begs the question, then, as whether or not a superhuman’s will is truly their own.

It also begs the question of whether the superhumans coming through the Doorways are even human at all, or if they are just puppets, artificial shells programmed to act like the people they were based on, but without knowledge of their masters. The fact that no superhumans were killed in the Extinction Wave, despite all other mammalian life being disintegrated, at least signifies that despite genetic tests saying otherwise, superhumans may in fact no longer be human, mammal, or even animal life forms.

Following the above, despite genetic tests showing the superhumans still have normal human DNA, there is the idea that their bodies may in fact be composed of some kind of exotic alien particles that can perfectly mimic the human form, down the cellular or even atomic level, but are in fact composed of a different set of sub-particles. If true, than the powers of superhumans may in fact be a side effect of how these exotic particles interact without our own reality’s sub-atomic make-up.

This is the least accepted of these theories, but still generally considered more plausible than most others.

Despite being a superhuman myself, I don’t have any particular bias one way or the other. I have the occasional Other World Dreams, like any other, but they are so vague and so infrequent, I tend to chalk such dreams up to just memories of cartoons I watched or books I read. Otherwise, I do not experience feeling the Exotic Essence or an Inner Door or anything like that. Likewise, if I am indeed just the finger puppet of a higher being or an alien automaton, then the illusion of being otherwise is so perfect, that it is as good as useless to speculate further on the matter.

In the end, these are all just theories. I fear we will never have a true answer until somehow, someone comes through a Doorway with their memories intact, or we discover the secret of the Doorways themselves.

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