In 2029, thirteen unearthly structures called Doorways appeared across the world. Any human that entered immediately disappeared. Thousands were never seen again, but every once in a while, someone would come back out after a few days, garbed in strange clothing and possessing superhuman powers. Despite the odds, many of the desperate, ambitious, and hopeful surged through the Doorways in search of personal power.

Eleven years have passed, and the world has undergone catastrophic changes as the result of superhuman conflict. Entire continents and civilizations have been lost, a supervillain epidemic threatens those societies that remain, and the world's greatest superhero team has just been destroyed. In the wake of this latest tragedy, a band of powerful superhuman bounty hunters comes together to track down the source of these disasters, and perhaps save what remains of the falling world.

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Graven is a story about people with dark pasts trying to save humanity from extinction. While I don't necessarily consider the work to be dark in tone, I do not hold back on mature themes. Graphic violence, death/murder, apocalyptic events, trauma, non-graphic nudity, mentions of sex, implications of rape, and bigoted language may appear throughout.



Graven is my first attempt at a web serial. Though not my first story, or even my first go at web fiction, I have struggled for many years with writing longform heroic fiction stories, be they continuous sagas or episodic adventures. This project is largely an experiment for me to learn how to write a longer story, as well as an exercise in self-discipline. It may be a bit of a rough ride, but I intend to stick it through to the end. If you decide to give it a read, let me know your thoughts, and I hope you'll find something to enjoy along the way.


Banner image obtained from Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/QHeAAc3y76Y

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