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Various sites and web serials I've enjoyed and recommend.

Sharkerbob's Multiverse - This is my other blog, which was originally going to be my main hub for sharing my writing, but has not seen as much use as I'd hoped. I've mostly just posted older short stories, notes for old series concepts and world building, and some bits of other content.

Entirely Presenting You by Nippoten - On her sixteenth birthday, Alexis is attacked by, and transformed into, a vampire. As she struggles to maintain a normal life, she finds herself stumbling into the role of a superhero. Almost immediately, any delusions of becoming a friendly neighborhood champion of the downtrodden is swept aside as she becomes deeply embroiled in the violent conflicts and power struggles of her city's criminal gangs.

The Fifth Defiance by Walter - Two hundred years from now, scientists unlock the secret to superhuman powers. Those powers immediately end up in the wrong hands, and a generation of Ultrahuman criminals conquer and devastate the world. Since that time, there have already been four failed attempts to overthrow the brutal regime of the tyrant Prevailer. Now, after years of careful planning, a group of rebels manages to position themselves within the ranks of Her chosen champions. But can even an enemy from within defeat a monster with the power to end the world?

Worm by Wildbow - Since the 1980s, random people have been obtaining superhuman powers during times of extreme stress and trauma. It is now the late 2000s, and Taylor Hebert seeks to use her newfound powers of bug control to become a hero. However, unusual circumstances force her to join a group of villains, and from there, she slowly discovers that the superhero/supervillain society is not what she thought it was. Politics, conspiracy, mysteries, rich characters, and a deep lore have made this the break-out hit of the superhero webfiction sphere.

Dave Van Domelen's ASH Universe - In the 1990s, several superhero web authors came together to create a shared universe project, with a gimmick of "all-text comics." Written in short, fast-paced issues, this multi-title, multi-author project continues to this day, chronicling the adventures of numerous superheroes and supervillains in a richly developed world that blends magic and super science on a near-future Earth. There's way too much going on to fit in such a short summary, but rest assured, there is a lot of creativity, amazing lore, great characters, and numerous storylines to follow!

Not All Heroes by Rhodeworks - A Golden Age of superheroes gave way to a series of catastrophes that nearly ended the world. Civilization clawed its way back from the brink, but the peace achieved is tenuous at best. Superhuman threats still exist and most superheroes must work for the government or be deemed criminal vigilantes themselves. Despite these dangers, ragtag group of unlikely allies sets about to try and save their broken world.

Touch by Rhythm - Touch follows the exploits of several young superhumans who have experienced traumatic abuse, as they try to overcome their traumas and use their powers for good. But soon, these powers are revealed to be caused by magic, and these young mages are introduced to a dangerous world of magic, monsters, and a supernatural war brewing in the shadows of the world.

Inheritors by Megajoule - Gabe is the clone of the world's greatest superhero, and after his progenitors' passing, he struggles to fulfill his heroic legacy. While hunting down criminals, he must also avoid capture by organizations who would see him destroyed or controlled, and work with allies who each have their own personal demons to wrestle with.

Anathema by Chrysalis - After an event called the Pulse grants random people superhuman abilities, an age of Heroes, Villains, and Rogues springs forth. Barely over two years pass before it all just goes to hell. Powerful villains are on the move. The heroes are being kicked around by red tape, personal crises, and inter-team conflict. Rogues are forced to engage in divisive politics, while various factions amass power and manipulate things from behind the scenes to determine the fate of the world.

Music Masters by Hejin57 - Michael is a disco-loving young man who's passion for music leads him to discover a mysterious power: by focusing on certain songs, he can manifest various superhuman powers for as long as the music plays! This discovery very quickly leads to encounters with others like himself, and he is soon thrust into dangerous adventures within the secret world of Music Masters!

Stone Burners by Syphax - Olivia wakes up in a strange, draconian body, with no memory of who she is or where she came from. As she seeks answers to her condition, she ends up joining with a squad of vigilantes, and helps them in their efforts to battle crime. Unfortunately, the outlaw team spends as much time in conflict with the authorities as it does the criminals. As the group attempts to survive and thrive in a reality of superhumans, magic, and advanced technology, super powered warlords, bizarre aliens, and maniacal gods wreak havoc across the world.

Worth the Candle by Alexander Wales - Juniper Smith finds himself trapped in a fantasy world, one seemingly composed of every Dungeons and Dragons campaign he and his friends ever played. Still reeling from personal tragedies in his normal life, he must quickly adapt to survive in his hostile new world, utilizing a strange power to level up his skills and abilities, and work with companions who may not have his best interests at heart. As he seeks answers to his plight, he must face hard truths about what this world may mean about himself as a person.

WebFictionGuide / Forums - A promoter of webfiction from a variety of platforms, the forums are where I started learning about web serials and my interaction with the community galvanized me to start my own serial project.

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