The character profiles presented here have some spoilers for the first nineteen chapters, which introduces each characters’ powers and backstories. It is preferred that you read those parts in its entirety before using this page as a reference.

Or don’t. Up to you.

For an explanation on the Class System, please refer to the Power Rankings article.


From left to right: Shoggoth, Hitchhiker, Strider, Earth Mage, and Max-Out

Powers and Abilities:
Strength, Speed, and Durability – Class 1 by default, can be raised up to 2, 3, or 4, depending on amount of Mana absorbed
Elemental Vision – Can sense the presence, ebb, and flow of “elemental energy” throughout the world, which he dubs as various forms of “mana”. Mana types include, but are not limited to: Water, Wind, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Metal, Wood, Light, and Void.
Elemental Control – Can will the various forms of mana to move as he wishes, enabling to cast an enormous variety of “elemental spells.” His cannot spells if the type of mana is not present, for example, he cannot cast Water spells in a desert, or Fire spells over the ocean.
Elemental Hi-Jacking – Relating to his control power, he is capable of suppressing the elemental powers of other superhumans, either redirecting their abilities, pulling away their own mana source, or simply shutting off their powers. He must focus to keep this suppression active, however, or the effect will fade within a few seconds to a minute.
Physical Infusion – By infusing his own body with various elemental mana, he can increase his own physical abilities greatly. Absorbing Earth and Metal Mana grants him superhuman strength and durability, Lightning Mana grants him superhuman speed, Wind Mana grants him flight, Water Mana lets him breathe underwater and propel through or on water at high speed, etc. He tends to burn through his Mana reserves quickly when using high-level power, however, forcing him to replenish it frequently, or use it for brief bursts.

Appearance: A fit, but lanky man of average height, Causcasian, with long black hair and green eyes. He has delicate facial features, giving him something of a “pretty boy” look. He typically wears his “wizard outfit” that he first reappeared in. These are tan robes with a large green sash. He always carries an ash-grey wooden staff with a gnarl crook on the top. He has a Mid-Western US accent that has partly shifted into an Australian accent.

History: He was one of the initial volunteers to enter the New York Doorway, and the first one to return. Delighted by his new powers, but not wanting to become a lab experiment or a government lackey, he fled from the authorities and set about becoming the world’s first superhero. His tenure as a vigilante was not very successful, but he did manage to keep people from getting hurt.

Eventually, however, he was captured by the second superhuman, Echo, and brought in to cooperate with the U.S. government to defend the NY Doorway. When Glorifica and the Shadow Queen emerged, he aided Glorifica and Echo in defeating the Shadow Queen, who had gone rogue. However, when Echo killed her, he was horrified and quit the group, fleeing the country.

He continued to do vigilante work here and there, before settling down to become a local hero in Australia. He even unsuccessfully attempted to form his own team at one point. However, he largely stayed out of the spotlight, and his efforts were greatly overshadowed by the emergence of the Super Fem Force in America.

When the latest iteration of the SFF is destroyed, he returns to his homeland. Seeking the aid of a group of superhuman bounty hunters, he wishes to solve the mystery of the SFF’s demise, and how it may be linked to the Supervillain Epidemic plaguing America.

Powers and Abilities:
Strength, Speed, and Durability – variable, defaults to Class 2
Power Level Shift – Can shift her power in three separate chunks, enabling her to raise one of her ability by another Class or two Classes, by sacrificing one or both of the other powers. Ergo, she can have Class 3 Strength, but must lose either Speed or Durability, or have Class 4 Strength, but lose both Speed and Durability, etc. (She refers to her own power limits by Level 1, 2, and 3, but they are equivalent to Class 2, 3, and 4, respectively.)

Appearance: A tall, muscular woman, Hispanic, with brown eyes and short black hair with a single white lock hanging down in the front. She typically wears black jeans, a red shirt, and a black jacket as her signature look. She has a Chicago accent.

History: Maxine Auwitts was a small-time gang member who managed to trick her way into reaching the California Doorway by sleeping with one of soldiers to get “vetted” for the process. When she emerged, her powers enabled her to run away before she could be caught and registered. She then attempted to use her power to influence and take over gangs across Chicago.

Her reign lasted all of two weeks before the Super Fem Force defeated and captured her. After serving a year in a special prison, she was offered the chance to make up for her crimes by joining the Stiletto. She served her time there until the team was disbanded after the Fantasmas de Medianoches incident. Since then, she has worked as a superhuman bounty hunter, mostly battling against the Supervillain Epidemic.

Powers and Abilities:
Strength and Durability – Class 2
Ground Sense – Can sense all things in direct contact with the ground, “seeing” them in her minds eye and hearing the sounds they make. This extends to a mile from her person in all directions. She can still detect some details of things that may not directly be touching the ground, but she can, for example, tell how many people are moving around on the second floor of a building by sensing the vibrations through the structure.
Terraportation – Can teleport herself and anything else touching the ground within the range of her Ground Sense. This can range from a single mote of dust to entire skyscrapers, just herself or thousands of individuals. This includes anything touching the bottom-most floor of a building. Anything on a higher level she can’t move individually, but can still teleport it all at once along with the building itself.
Superhuman Information Processing – Is able to filter and process all the information provided by her ground sense with superhuman efficiency, enabling the tracking and selective focus of thousands of details at once, and instant multi-targeted terraportation.

Appearance: A petite young woman, African, with long black hair usually tied in a braid. She wears a prototypical, if simplified, cowboy outfit, with a brown longcoat, dark jeans, a dark shirt, cowboy hat, and boots. She has a South African accent that she tries to make sound British.

History: Little is known about Strider. She doesn’t speak of her past, and will not even tell others her real name. When pressed, she will admit to being South African and that she used the Namibia Doorway, but she was in Europe when New Gondwana formed. With her homeland now stolen and sealed away in the super-continent’s formation, she traveled to America and eventually decided to take up the bounty hunter life.

She is, in actuality, Atalanta the Terraporter, one of the Ten Queens who formed New Gondwana. She has, somehow, managed to escape the continent, and is attempting to make up for the evil she has done there by taking a heroic path in America. Naturally, she wishes for this to remain a secret.

Powers and Abilities:
Flesh Warp – Can alter and control the form of flesh, blood, and bone in living beings.
Healing – This is primarily used to heal people, herself included, by rapidly mending wounds, and forcing out toxins and pathogens, but can also be used to create monstrous mutations and effect people’s brain chemistry. Requites skin-to-skin contact and conscious effort, her own healing included.
Flesh Sense – Can sense everything about a body upon contact.
Shape-Shifting – By using the Flesh Warp power on himself, he can alter his appearance, including transforming into animals and switching genders.
Enhanced Senses – Can use Flesh Warping to modify his sensory organs to increase their range and sensitivity, as well as form extra eyes, ears, etc.
Monster Forms – By using the Flesh Warp power on himself, he can increase his size, strength, and reaction times, as well as modify his body with new features. Aside from gaining up to Class 2 strength and durability, he can act with high-end Class 1 reflexes, and grow various forms of muscle, bone plates, claws, teeth, tendril, bludgeon, blade, and acid weapons.
Independent Consciousness – Even when killed, be it via an instantly fatal wound, her brain being destroyed, or even her whole body vaporized, she does not die. Rather, her consciousness continues to exist, and links to the nearest intact remains, even if it is only a single preserved cell on the other side of the world.

Appearance: Shoggoth’s appearance can be easily modified, and he will readily do so if he needs to assume a new identity. His appearance throughout most of the story is of a tall, pale man with almost angelic features, with long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He wears an all-white suit version of a priest’s uniform. He is actually a woman, but takes male forms to better hide her identity. He once had a Boston accent, but has trained himself to speak in a non-descript Mid-Western US voice.

History: After gaining her powers from the New York Doorway, Mary Deveau dedicated her life to healing people with her powers, becoming the medical superhero the Doctress. She even joined the Super Fem Force for a few years. However, after months of running herself ragged trying to help as many people as she could, she finally snapped when she was mobbed by a crowd of desperate people at a hospital. After that terrible incident at a hospital, she went deep into hiding, turning into a man, and staying under the radar as much as possible. He has assumed a new identity as Shoggoth to aid in the Earth Mage’s mission.

Powers and Abilities:
Strength, Speed, and Durability – High-end Class 1 by default, varies depending on host
Aura Vision – Can see the “auras” of living beings, specifically humans. By reading this aura, she can tell what sort of superhuman powers they have, if any, as well as those she might gain with a potential male host.
Male Possession – She is able to possess men upon physical contact, merging into them like a ghost. When this occurs, she gains boosts to her Strength, Speed, and/or Durability, usually doubling or tripling one or more of them to bring them into low-end Class 2. She also gains one extra ability, which can sort of guess through her Aura sense. This can be nearly anything, but is usually some kind of ranged attack. When possessing superhuman men, she doesn't gain a boost to her powers, but does get innate knowledge of her host's abilities and how to use them.

Appearance: A short, lithe Hispanic woman, with long black hair, and light brown eyes. She likes to wear boldly colored blouses and skirts with strapped sandals. She speaks with a Mexican accent.

History: Emilia Carnel  was a spy and espionage agent for the radical vigilante group the Fantasmas de Medianoches, who warred against the cartels of Mexico and Central America. Like most of the FdM’s members, she gained her powers from the Yucatan Doorway.

Since the FdM’s defeat at the hands of the Super Fem Force and the Stiletto, she has wandered across the Latin American portions of the American States and Provinces, continuing to root out and kill surviving cartel members, while staying mostly in hiding.


Powers and Abilities:
Strength and Durability – Class 5
Oxygen Independent  Does not need to breathe
Flight – Up to Class 5 Speed in flight, however, her reflexes and perceptions did not increase with her movement, causing her to make straight-line or very widely curving paths through the air, frequently stopping and adjusting her trajectory whenever she needs to alter her flight path.
Stun Rams – Beams of kinetic force that can hit with up to Class 3 power. These can be either pure force or can be heated for a Class 3 burning attack. In either case, contact with the beam’s energy causes a heavy jolt to a living body’s nervous system, stunning them for a few seconds. This stun effect works on even Class 5’s, who are otherwise unaffected by the beam’s kinetic or heat effects.

Appearance: A woman of average height, but a fit and curvaceous physique. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. Her costume is a skin-tight, but full-cover white body suit, leaving only her head and hands uncovered. The suit sports a golden G emblem on her chest, and a huge red cape.

History: Lisa Geene was a nurse who felt she had let life pass her by, and was becoming disillusioned with her job. When the New York Doorway appeared, she volunteered out of a sense of adventure. Upon her return, it quickly became apparent that she was, at least for a little while, the most powerful superhuman yet.

During the short time she formed a team with the Earth Mage and Echo, she and James became lovers, but that relationship ended following the Shadow Queen conflict.

After that incident, and with the emergence of more Doorways and superhumans, she took stock of the situation and concluded that the world needed a team of positive role models and protective heroes. To that end, she formed the Super Fem Force, whose goals were to help combat the occasional rogue superhuman, but mainly to help society through outreach programs, charities, and disaster relief. Eventually, however, the challenges became too great, and the team was forced to step up their effectiveness as a combat unit.

Nevertheless, Glorifica did her best to maintain her ideals and compassion, trying to find the optimal solutions to any problem, even in the face of monstrous enemies.

Powers and Abilities:
Strength and Durability – Class 3
Speed – Class 2
Sound Control – Can generate and manipulate sound waves for numerous effects: sonic screams, voice manipulation/mimicry, create tightly focused “vibration blades” that can cut with Class 2 force, create echolocation clicks.
Super Hearing – Not actually literal enhanced hearing, but her power enables her to sense sonic vibrations in the world around her, enabling her to detect and understand sounds that would be too far away to normally hear. She uses this as an enhanced form of echolocation radar, able to perceive a nearly perfect visual map of her surroundings by concentrating on all the sonic vibrations around her at once.

Appearance: A tall, muscular black woman, with long hair and dark brown eyes. Her standard uniform is an all-black body suit resembling an unmarked SWAT uniform.

History: Tamara Brown was the second superhuman to return from the Doorways. She was an infantry soldier who was training to become a spy, but volunteered to enter the New York Doorway after the appearance of the Earth Mage.

Already working for the government, she had no problem cooperating with the military and research teams, and assisted in the capture of the Earth Mage, whom she convinced to work with the government. During this time, the two had a brief fling.

Following the Shadow Queen conflict, she was tasked with creating and training promising superhumans as assassins and espionage agents, forming the black ops super soldier team Stiletto. After only a few years, however, the Stiletto was publicly outed by the Fantasmas de Medianoches during their brutal conflict. Her own participation in the team remained a secret, but the group was subsequently disbanded.

She eventually re-branded herself as a more public hero, joining the Super Fem Force as Echo. She functioned as Glorifica’s second-in-command, and she was responsible for training the SFF members to be a much more effective combat unit than previous iterations.

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